The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


Is this the “craft beer” that’s owned by Heineken you’re talking about you gobshite?


Heineken own 170 beer brands you utter clown, including several well regarded ones like Moretti, Dos Equis, and Amstel, and some stellar beers like Lagunitas and Affigem, two personal favorites.

Clearly you know less about beer than hurling, which is quite the feat.


Lads, this thread was set up to discuss gay beer. If you want to discuss mass produced beer I suggest you create a new thread. This thread is to ridicule Heineken owned beers.


I’ll leave it to @glasagusban then.






They’re not craft beers then are they? You gobshite.


I’m all for that Franciscan Well ipa. Most Irish offerings are over hopped as the brewers and punters can’t get over the novelty. Sophisticated well informed inebriates like myself see the merits in a more balanced approach.


Why? Because the Brewers Association say so?
My rule is if the acquiring company leaves them alone and doesn’t assimilate them into their own breweries, then they retain their craft status. Lagunitas is still brewed in Petaluma and still tastes exactly the same as before Heineken acquired them.
So, up your bollox.


You were probably swamping it like a pint of Carling. You should be savouring the taste.


Not a craft beer.


Called Carnivale around 10+ years ago.


I visited their brewery in Petaluma a few years ago, grand day out. Glad to see it becoming increasingly more available here.


Also Heineken owned. The red one is nice and they have a new lager out. Did some work for a craft brewer a while back who said a lager is the most difficult technically to get right.


Below is a news article…

On September 8, 2015, Lagunitas announced that Heineken International would acquire a 50% stake in the company to help it expand its operations globally.[11] As a result of the deal, Lagunitas was no longer considered a craft brewery under the Brewers Association definition of “craft,” since Heineken’s stake was greater than 25%. Less than two years later, on May 4, 2017, Heineken purchased the remaining portion of Lagunitas, making it the sole owner of the brewery.[12] Founder Tony Magee will continue as CEO of Lagunitas, with the intention of expanding production and distribution of Lagunitas beers worldwide.[13]

They currently produce 12 different types of beer. [14]


Where can you get this Lagunitas anyway?


He had to cash out. Getting older. A lot of his investors were mates who invested a few grand with him when he set up. Nice pension fund for them.


Tesco, 4 for €10.




I’m going to get a craft beer up in Dublin on Sunday, any nice local stuff going around