The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


By the way, I hope youre fucking proud of yourself. I wasn’t going to have any alcohol tonight. But you and your flash beer just had to tip me over the edge. Goading cunt


It’s the Thursday of the week before the senior hurling final, Mike. If you can’t have a few beers and shoot the breeze online about the big game, sure you’re only in the ha’penny place.


Two big games this weekend alright. Would love to see Monaghan make it through on Sunday.


Didn’t have to break your arm Mike :joy::joy::joy:


Fuck it. It’s only 3 and a bit months til Christmas. May as well


You trying to get Mike drunk to loosen his tongue (fingers)


Am I missing something here? I haven’t been on here much of late. Has @iron_mike been threatened with an infraction if he posts?! Wtf?


You can chat away about beer and homeless single mothers but you won’t get hurling talk


A Kilkenny man that won’t talk about hurling? Fuck me, I’ve seen it all now.


Anyone here brew their own? I’d love to make a dark beer or brown ale.


No. It’s on my bucket list. The grandfather used to. Pure pisswater but lethal


Had a friend years ago who brewed his own and used the bathroom as the temperature was constant. He put me off the idea of it with his alcoholism…


I did one of those bucket kits. Bit of craic


The brewdog IPA is top notch


did you get fucked up?


Twas only to be used sparingly alright. Tasted alright though. I fucked up half of it because I didn’t have proper resealable bottles


Yup. Was mad into it for a few years. I brewed a load of good ipas, ales etc but I never managed a good duvel clone or exceptional lager. So I lost interest. That said, real home brewers would turn up their nose at my kit efforts. Malting, roasting etc are really where it’s at.
The key to good results is hygiene, bleach, sterilise and scrub and you’ll be grand. There’s not much to it. Dark beers are relatively straightforward


I’m not mate, I’m on the Adriatic coast.


If you’re near Zadar let me know …


I’m on the Italian side