The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


That’s a shame.


Drinking Sardinian beer, never saw that on the mainland before.


They sell it in the off license on charing cross Rd.


Is that near the Charing Cross Bridge?


I don’t know. I’ve never been to the mainland, but I drink with a lad who has


@balbec I had a pint of Hugos on draft last night. It’s from JJs in Kilmallock, it was a fantastic pint, streets ahead of the bottled stuff they had. Only €4.50 for it too.




A social drinker drinking 50 pints a week? Some man. I wouldn’t drink it in 3 months at this stage of my life


Too much effort tidying the cans up from the couch I’d presume? Bottles of spririts much nearer.


What do ye make of Corona? Thought it was decent myself. Had a slice of lime in it too btw. Made the switch after I had a few bottles of cider at the weekend. The cider don’t mix well with me. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Forced effort 2/10


I’ve an awful fear you’ve nearly shaken off this perception. Not on my fucking watch.


Youl have to up your game. Would have made a better quip if you tied it to lack of pocket money from my wife or something


That was too obvious to be honest. We know the allowance she gives you is sufficient enough to turn into big money from the rugby betting.


You will have lads in calling it coloures water but it’s a noble drink and a perfectly acceptable session drink.

A little pinch of salt in it is nice.


All the lime has wreaked havoc with my stomach before.


Has anyone ever actually gotten drunk drinking Corona?


There was this Juan guy


I love Dunkel beer as the Germans call it… Or Dubble (sic) as the Belgians call it…having a few here … Unrale.