The Mac and Treatystones Gay Beer Thread


I don’t think so but I definitely drink more than I should.


They saved a few quid on the packaging anyway


Less is more


You mug. Don’t store stout long term in the fridge.


A special win deserves a special toast. We beat them in that year too


Nice worktop


Thank you Francis. I believe it is remarkably similar to yours?


It sure is, enjoy your celebrations mate




Not even you can ruin this evening for me buddy.


Wtf you on about now?


Just give up mate. It’ll be easier for you.


They’ve got Japans oldest beer, Sapporo, in Lidl now. I bought a few bottles. Is it any good, chaps? Aldi have a poor selection of beers in comparison to Lidl but I prefer the food they sell in Aldi myself.


Would appreciate your review on this @Smark
Going to Lidl with my life partner tomorrow to do the big shop prior to the Ireland game and would be handy to stock up on beverages before it


I will indeed but it’ll be Monday night at earliest before I drink any of it. What Ireland match is on tomorrow out of interest?


Sapporo is decent, one of the better Japanese mass produced beers. Kirin Ichiban, Asahi and Orion are decent as well.


I was buying a few bottles of Guiness and picked up a bottle of this shite, pure fucking muck like all craft/nerd beer


Is it German, there’s something about German beers being pure or something, no hangover, have you ever heard of anything like that?


I’ve drank that in the city it comes from, Bamberg. Didn’t care for it either. The place is famed for its “smokey” flavoured beers. Its horrid shit now i think back on it. Did you buy that in an off license or what?


yes, there’s a law in Germany that means it has to be brewed with no chemicals, its called. “the purity law” it still tastes likes shit though, I’m back on the proper stuff now, Guiness