The Mac and Treatystones Gay Beer Thread


Senior hurling


This is the name the Galway Bay brewery lads are going for is it? I’ll definitely check it out at some point. Not opening night though.


Opening at 4pm In the day. Be handy to sneak in for a quick one if running some errands in the city


They’ll surely be handing out free pints or grub or something? Do we know what they’ll have on draught?


They only stock their own stuff. A good variety though to be fair to them.


in the off licence, it was unreal, proper beer


I was in Tipperary last week @Mac and enjoyed a few pints of White Gypsy Brewery’s Belgian Dubbel, which I thought was a Lambic on first taste because of I might have been imaging a slight sourness. Anyway, it was a cracking little beer with a mighty kick (8%). Highly recommended.


Was that on draught ?


Its a nice beer. The owner of the company is an utter cunt but that aside, some of their beers are nice.


Had 4 Belgian Gauloises yesterday evening after the Dublin game. Pleasant tack but a bit heavy.


I’ve tried that White Gypsy wheat beer a few times and have given up on ever trying it again. It doesn’t seem to translate well to draught, or maybe just isn’t a big seller. I’ve had it in Flannerys in Limerick, I’ve had it on the Aran islands and I’ve had it in a pub in Killaloe which was most recent experience and it was pure piss in each place. I’d had it twice before in Flannerys though and it was nice but it seems more a rarity. Just a warning for ye.


It was.

Edit. I think it was. The young lad behind the bar said it was on draught, but he went out of my line of vision to pour it. Could I have been duped?


I doubt it, I just haven’t seen it on draught anywhere. Was that in Thurles?


No. The north of the county. I don’t like to stray too far into enemy territory.

I’ll be on the look out for bottles of it anyway. Tasty tack.

@Smark, I do like wheat beers but they unfortunately don’t agree with me. That Dubbel is worth a go.


If you are ever in Borrisoleigh stick your head into Finns for a couple of pints. A brother of the White Gypsy guy owns it and he always has 3 or 4 of their beers on tap.


OHaras Double IPA is decent. 7.5% nice little buzz off a couple of them.


Christ, I’m on my fourth and I’m tooling up here. I could batter someone… Princess better stay the fuck out of my way here with her wedding music shite.


The hoover had better go hide


Take no shit kid