The marriage difficulties and auld GAA lads from Craobh thread

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Is she pregnant again?

Flesh it out a bit mate.

no, and before you start my performance in this regard is second to none

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Not starting, pregnant women are not simple.

Did u try and fill her up with that Tesco Scotch?

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yes, there is previous with this allright

after ducking out of the way of a full can of carling last month a glass bottle is the last thing needed on the premises


Serves you right. Cans of carling!

Fiery enough. What did you do?

good one for you btw
james horncastle last night spoke about “Ciro” Mertens during part of an eloquent soliloquy about the attacking prowess of the “Gli Azzuri” , the studio were left pretty dumbfounded until he revealed it was how the locals referred to the Belgian striker such was his integration with the “Napolitanos”

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You seem to have a very stormy relationship but sure you’re still together.

It’s the ones hold it in are the relationships that don’t last.

Lot to be said for a good row at least twice a month to clear the air

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At least there’s a bit of passion there @mickee321

Few lads here wouldnt be able for that.

they are getting progressively worse tho
i would be a very intense individual at the best of times and she has a ferocious temper
it normally calms down after a day or so
there is none of this not talking for days on end at least

Is he in the Camorra ?

Are the rows over small things?

Would she hit you a dig?

The toy show will becalm ye both .

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