The Marty Morrissey is a swordsman thread

A thread to log the HILARIOUS instances of Marty Morrissey being a swordsman

That first one must be a midget.

Have had the pleasure of meeting Roz and Stephanie over the years and they are not tall people. Marty must be around 5ft 2"

Who’s the one in the second last photo?

That’s his partner AFAIK.

He’s some operator

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The same lady as in the first photo, you handicapped fucker.



Vile thread

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Thats a fair “spread” from Áine

Good choice of jeans colour wise, no sign of a camel toe.

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Spermwhale Morrissey :grinning:

Meant the second last photo in the first post. She’s a beauty

This one?

TG4 presenter Fiona Ní Fhlaithearta


Fuck yeah.

Marty is the alrightest of alright sorts

Did any of ye see his piece on the news there? He was doing a bit of a preview of the Dublin camp in advance of the All Ireland final and went into Philly McMahons gym.


That second picture cracked the screen on my phone.


Was he in a bad house fire at one stage?

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