The Mind of GOD

Yep, was a horrible tweet in itself but posting images of young children without consent is a different story altogether.

The new age Snowflakes in this country have a worrying habit on constantly posting images of their children online, going online to wish their children a Happy Birthday is another weird new thing too may I add.

People are hopelessly stupid in this regard sharing such info online.


Definitely called her a cunt at the end. Fair play to her


Story here lads?

Wind your neck in kid.


Listened to the foreign woman shouting at GOD.

Have contacted Lidl. Waiting for a response.


Gemma O’Doherty = @chocolatemice :open_mouth:

At a church she says, she’s a thundering disgrace , Jesus would have punched her in the face

Another ‘Journa’ sourcing material from TFK.

Oh fuck…

The Gemma situation will continue to get worse until it all ends in tragedy, either for Gemma herself or for someone else.

The farmers have been telling yis this for years, fuck all Irish malting goes into Guinness anymore, no wonder its full of pesticides. You’d want you head examined to be drinking it.

Coming from a man who sprayed round up on ripened Malting Barley many many years ago, simpler times :smile:

TFK has already debunked this myth

That they use all Irish Malting Barley in their alcohol?

You trust TFK with your life? :rofl:

Yes mate. Thanks to TFK i now own a healthy digestive system and am living at a higher level of consciousness


So I make post here and then have it taken down, what’s that all about? Why was my post removed?

You overstepped the mark, plus @chocolatemice edited your post later on. Very poor comment.

Stop being an idiot … if you cant help yourself, then leave the site.

What was poor about it and how did it overstep whatever mark you have in your head?