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O’Doherty appeal of conviction adjourned until October

An appeal by the former journalist Gemma O’Doherty against a District Court conviction arising our of an anti-vaccination protest, has been adjourned until October 17th.

O’Doherty was convicted of threatening and abusive behaviour, resisting arrest, and refusing to give her name and address to a garda, at Bray District Court in Co Wicklow, last September. The charges arose out of an incident which involved the placing of banners on a pedestrian bridge over the N11, Dublin to Wexford road at Kilmacanogue Co Wicklow, in August 2020. She received a two-month suspended sentence and a fine of €750 for the public order offences. She lodged an appeal to Wicklow Circuit Court.

At Wicklow Circuit Court yesterday, solicitor Brendan Moloney for O’Doherty told Judge Patrick Quinn the District Court case last September had lasted a full day. State solicitor Rory Benville also recalled the case had taken up some time and the parties agreed to a date of October 17th for the appeal hearing.


The lies of god

I’ve broken this exclusive in the Irelands Far Right thread earlier.

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Radio 1 giving Gemma the right treatment here now, a fucking witch

She’s back on Twitter too, but Musk is a legend or something


She downloads photos off and then uses them for her twisted litttle self promotion?
What the absolute fuck.


Its almost like her and the anti vax crowd are cray cray.

This is the kind of shit that the likes of @glenshane and @Enrique support and go on with.

They’re just asking questions

I didnt realise she was back on twitter, and I shouldnt have even looked at her timeline, but I see her new crusade/conspiracy theory is to get Aaron Brady released, the guy convicted of the murder of Garda Adrian Donohoe.

Those who excuse her on the basis that her rantings must prove she is mentally unwell, I couldnt disagree more. Whatever about her being mentally unwell, that doesnt excuse her being an absolute cunt to bereaved families and exploiting suicide deaths as vaccine victims. That sort of shit has nothing to do with being mentally unstable.


Fire up an example there, you tedious puddle of mediocrity.

The woman is monetizing hatred.

The Burkes will be doing the same soon, if not already.


While I don’t agree with the sentiment, that’s a sensational TFK insult. Lovely cut to it


Frustrated World Cup GIF

I dunno who’d be a Garda

The Gardai didn’t seem to mind farmers holding the economic life blood of Dublin to ransom and blocking traffic and people on the way to hospital.

Hopefully this is a new policing precedent.

Lady at 1.00 has a Waterford City accent you could cut with a knife. Chap at 1.40 who is going to take over the country and arrest all the guards who didn’t protect the far right has to be SoCoDu.

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Are you comparing “economic life blood” as you say yourself, to the life of a sick child trying to get to a hospital?

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The farmers and haulier protests didn’t differentiate where people were trying to get to and they were allowed to block all traffic by the Gardai.

Hopefully this is a new policing precedent.

Given our health service costs 23 billion a year to run, protests attacking commerce and tax revenue are an attack on the health system.

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