The most stunning politicians poll

12. Alina Kabaeva, 26, is a former gymnast for Russia but is now a politician

11. Vera Lischka, 31, is an Austrian former Olympic swimmer and TV presenter who took up politics

10. Cayetana Alvarez, 34, is a Spanish free-thinking historian who campaigns against corruption

9. Eunice Olsen, 31, once hosted Wheel of Fortune but is now an MP in Singapore;

8. Yulia Tymoshenko, 48, is Ukraine’s first female PM

7. Toireasa Ferris, 29, is an Irish politician for Sinn Fein

6. Anna-Maria Galojan, 26, is a political scientist from Estonia who also likes parties and pink teddy bears

  1. Yuri Fujikawa, 27, is known in Japan for her glamour and her youthful political success. She caused a stir by posing in her bikini to attract tourism to Hachinohe City

4. 32-year-old Mara Carfagna, right, is Italy’s Minister for Equal Opportunities and No.4 in the most stunning politicians poll

3 Sara Latife Ruiz Chavez, 32, who belongs to Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party. She also owns a strip club

2. Mercedes Araoz, 47, Peru’s Minister for Trade and Tourism came second

first place, Luciana Leon, 30, is Peru’s youngest ever congresswoman

Honorary Metion

Christine Kelly, left, 39, has just been chosen as France’s Minister for Overseas Territories

Rama Yade - French minister for human rights

[quote=“Watch The Break”]Rama Yade - French minister for human rights[/quote]


french birds are pretty hot

that newsreader one & audrey tatou are stunning

Was that a top 12 with No.12 being the best? O just 12 thrown out there, because i’d have it almost the other way around.

I’d agree with that. No.12 is the best of the lot.

Olwyn Enright (FG) would be in with a shout.

FFS pictures please

Ferris on the late late that time was just magical…

she sure was magical but is she a politician?

[quote=“WhiskeyInTheJar”]she sure was magical but is she a politician?[/quote]

Yes she is. :rolleyes:

[quote=“WhiskeyInTheJar”]she sure was magical but is she a politician?[/quote]

Fixed that for you

good man yourself. great picture

A thread otherwise populated by beautiful, elegant women has been ruined by that tart.

i know her father is a ganster but still…

a stunner & a political visionary


Quite the vision she provided alright…

That french yoke is a wretch. It makes me sick

If Olwyn is our marquee polititian they must be a rough lot.