The Movies just released for download thread

As distinct from the “Upcoming Movies” thread which deals mostly with movies in theatre.
This thread is to notify members of movies just released for download on torrent sites or where-ever.

I’ll kick it off with American Made featuring Tom Cruise. Available now without Korean subtitles.

Also worth a watch is American Assassin. This has Michael Keating, whom I could never take to, but sure he’s maturing a bit now.

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american made is a great show

Borg vs. McEnroe just out for ye older sporting fans.

One for the kids…

The Foreigner. Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, with an Irish slant. As posted elsewhere here.

Do not waste any of your life watching hangman.
It’s shite.

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PS, which iptv provider do you use for films?

I think you may be confusing IPTV with the Torrent sites?

IPTV is streaming the TV channels over the internet

Well I’m confused about most things, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

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@Rocko May have some invites for IPTorrents left for you ?

I have no idea what you are describing
Covenant is banjaxed anyhow.
Is that a torrent site?

Download exodus, good for movies and shows

That’s banjaxed ages ago.

Mines working fine.

Is it an Android Device you’re looking to watch them on?

If so then Terrarium TV will do you. TV shows and Movies.

I’ll send on a link later on.

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Oh right. Maybe they fixed it.
Ta lad.

Deleted on your advice. Never liked Al Pacino anyway.

He’s worse than awful in this. You could write the plot on a fag box in ten minutes. Actually, you could write a better one. Pacino must have a tax bill.

Download VLC player from the Play Store first.

Link here

Then Download Terrarium from here. This is a version that doesnt have ads :wink:

Once thats done, it should ask you which player you want to use. Select VLC.

Should be good to go from there

Use that link to download and install.


@Copper_pipe Copper is showbox still banjoed ?