The NBA Thread

I see they are calling him LeBroom now.

First Dirk Nowitzki and now Jokic sending Lebron home with his tae in his mug. @Turenne will be spitting out his Labrador curry

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Longevity aside… He’s no where near MJ or Bird.

Lakers swept in 4 and Celtics likely to suffer the same fate tonight. Commissioner Silver and the NBA won’t be happy about the loss of Revenue from all those unplayed games and about having two relatively small market franchises in the final.

It’s like when the Dallas Cowboys lose in the playoffs; everybody else is happy

Celtics win Game 4 by 116-99 to bring it back to Boston.

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Unlike the LA punks, the Celtics don’t lie down.


They shouldnt have let them win one.


Celtics will be right back in this if they win tonight in Boston. Would put serious pressure on the Heat going back to Miami for Game 6.

As against that Celtics home form post season has been terrible. Lost 4 out of the last 6.

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15 point first quarter lead for the Celtics, 35-20.

17 point half time lead for the Celtics, 61-44.

No room for error

The punks are quiet now eh….


We go again!


Celtics lead 34-29 at the end of the first quarter.

Heat shooting the lights out from 3pt line. Currently 7 from 11. C’s still up by 2 and are 3 from 10. Real game 7 feel about this so far

Tatum is smooth

Clerics lead cut to 4 at half time, 57-53. It had got out to 11.

Heat shooting the lights out from 3pt land . Now 9/15 as opposed to Cs 3/15. If that keeps up there wont be a game 7

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End of 3rd. C’s up by 7. Brown 1 foul away from being fouled out. C’s cant hit a 3

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