The NBA Thread

MSG is very quiet

Its like a morgue

The knicks will need to wait another year


What happened our aul friends pal?

Pizza boy Di Vincenzo heaving 3s won’t work every night

Great season and great fans. Could have been different if 4 of the starting 5 didn’t get injured.

Fuck Boston!


They made you happy mate, that’s all that matters.

Big 4th quarter in store here in Denver, Antman coming alive at the right time

Sad Season 1 Episode 1 GIF by NBC

I see some bum won 8 rebounds and failed to score a single basket.

Boston are rent free in your head

@StoneCold and @Lazarus flinging their " I :heart:NY" t-shirts out the window after waking up to hear they bottled a 2-0 series lead.

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Injuries are part and parcel of the game but we won’t make any excuses

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choke GIF

I take no joy in the demise of the Knicks.

Pacers walked all over the cry baby Knicka

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Boston always shows up

Boston has won one championship in the last 38 years :man_shrugging:
They’re like a shit Cork


Pacers blow up in the final 10 seconds of regulation and allow the Celtics back in for a game leveling 3 pointer
Celtics go on to win in OT.

Pacers have a formidable offense. Best in the east.

Hard beat tradition tho.