The Nefarious Crimes (and Misdemeanors) of Tyrone

Sure that was the problem. He had them praying that much they thought God was onn their side.

He was. And then he wasn’t.

All Ireland winning GAA star is a bit of stretch which coincidentally is what Loughran is head for.

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Must have been fair bad to have racked up £10k twice over. It’s one place where the GPA really do valuable work tbf

Seems to be a big issue with young lads in uni now from what I hear.

Trying to pay for the high life with no real solid income.

Mugs game

I see the Tyrone county board have decided to monetize their supporters

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I’m awaiting confirmation from @Cicero_Dandi , but it appears we may have to forgive the transgressions of the past.
Any thoughts @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy ?

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Fantastic stuff.

Unbeaten, unbowed, unbroken.

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Unrale. Inspirational. Beautiful.

Ballsy fuckers.


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Can you offer any confirmation, further news etc? @Cicero_Dandi hasn’t responded

More tyrone shame…coincidentally canavan and mcgeary have been recruiting far and wide to overcome last year’s disappointment…though in fairness to kilmacud* canavan does have previous form

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The fine for littering one is classic, a difficult word for foreigners.

Up there with ‘bill posters will be prosecuted’


Brother of god?