The NewcastleWest hoorhouse thread

The censorship on TFK has reached a new low with the banning of our illustrious and multi lettered SF correspondent. It’s hard to know what is truly behind this banning, jealously towards a real Republican from the pretend RA heads or even more sinisterly jealousy over Limerick’s recent triumph. Who else do we have to succinctly and intelligently raise awareness of the plight of the Irish underclass? Who will speak for the oppressed and downtrodden?

Release the doctor and save mankind.


And Tits for all

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Censor the nips and bring back Choco

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Not a real doctor.
Let him serve his time. Bout time a pretend RA member did some


Being flogged on here is better punishment.

@Bandage warned him once, so don’t fuck with him, you won’t be warned a second time, he had him out the door like lightning

It’s a sickening display of schadenfreude from the prickly strawberry head.

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Hang on, you’re telling me my bro @anon61956325 has been banned?

Yes mate, a lifetime ban for pretend marching with a hurl.

I will have to except myself from this forum if thats the case. @Robert_Emmetis the lifeblood of this forum.

@anon61956325 is a loser. @anon61878697 is the new king.

I think you’re a bit confused there mate

What thread did this happen in?

I know you’re confused, mate.

Did @anon61956325 retire from the internet after someone @Watchyourtoes?? threatened to inform the college he once went to about his internet persona.

No, @Watchyourtoes is the lad playing the hard man and ‘pretending’ to call TFK users out for fights.

I believe @anon32894817 ran @anon61956325 from the forum when he threatened to send some posts to his employer and Mrs O’Sullivan. Disgusting behavior really.

I’m totally confused now mate

Keep up mate, you must have too much going on in real life and need to cut that back.

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