The Next World Crisis

Now that covid is over. What will be the next world crisis?

Is Covid over??

War in Europe


Dublin’s domination of GAA

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Quality Green shortage

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Another financial crash

Lack of cycle lanes

cc @The_Selfish_Giant

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Cyber Warfare

ISIS send a lad full of some other deadly virus on a whistle-stop tour of Europe …

Solar flare knocking out all the worlds electronics, power grids, communications, the Internet and worst of all tfk wont be able to fight whether we should shout in the garden or hide under the bed


Id say youre on the money there…then there’ll be war

@Rocko changing servers again

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Global water shortages. It’s coming.


The realization that Mayo might not actually win an All Ireland

COVID 20 (cc @simonharris)

You reckon?

Civil war in the U.S

There’s definitely a massive conflict brewing within the next ten years in the western world

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The U.S. is on the edge though.

Serious Inflation and a US Dollar crisis, interesting video below on it from Peter Schiff, one of the few people who called the financial crash before it happened correctly.

Stopped clock and all that, still think he’s talking sense there.

Start fixing yer mortgage interest rates :grin: