The Niall McGarry thread

This lad made a ripple in COTY for last year but its worth isolating him out so everyone can see the full extent of his cuntishness. He deserves a slapping. To start things off, lets go with an inspirational quote from him

In business you need to be incredibly strong in every single area your main competitors are weak & as good if not better in everything else

He looks like something from that 80s game/toy, Mr Potato head.


He looks like a woman dressed as a man with facial hair coloured in in permanent marker.

I’ve placed it now. He looks like Dobby from Peep Show if she was dressed as a man with facial hair coloured in in permanent marker.



What an utter cunt.

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You’ve 1 bullet and both Niall McGarry and Niall Harbison are in front of you - what do you do?

Line them up, shoot them through the throat.

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Wonder how have I come to this point in my life where I’m in a room with the two of them and a loaded gun.

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Kill yourself.

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I assume you have done the necessary here and amalgamated
the jpgs and retweeted them?

let me know if you need technical assistance.

Duffy refused to sign a contract extension during the week I believe, he may be immediately regretting that decision.

Incredibly negligent :joy::joy::joy:

We could have a thread for who looks the biggest COTY, but Angela k would win that too.

Nice lil to and fro between Niall and John O Sullivan of

Follow the replies


Looks like John O’Sullivan lifted those screenshots from here (going by the colour in the backdrop?). Is he a friend of the forum?

Must look through the league of Ireland threads to see can I figure out who he is

Actually it looks like O’Sullivan’s tweet was before @bandage’s post.


The tweets/screenshots were being retweeted by football sorts yesterday morning, pal. I never meant to imply that I was first responder - I follow neither Blackburn, the chap who founded the clickbait site or the other chap who called him out. I’ll be more careful about crediting my sources from now on though. God bless you all.