The Offical Sophis Supporters Thread

Signing in. :thumbsup:

May all your shits be hedgehogs, Shan.


Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Bring it on, this is the sort of hatred we thrive under. It’s disappointing that someone has used one of our own media outlets to attack us but that’s free speech I guess.

Sophis - if you’re reading this, YOU’RE IN FOR A HELL OF A BATTLE.

Corrected that for you. :clap:

The lack of Sophis support on here. I expected Kib to get on board for this.

I see shan has started the mindgames here. I wonder what the mood is like in the TFK camp this week?

The mood is buoyant and bullish;). With four games to go, we know the title is in the fate of our own hands. We have no reason to change our philosophy. We have our own style - an offensive approach and we will attack and do what we do best.

If you didnt have Bandage in goal Id say you would win it. :clap:

Need to call on the reserves next Tuesday now. Cmon the Sophis.