The Official 2011 Club Championship Thread

This thread is to have a competition to see which is the best nightclub in Ireland

Can posters please nominate their favourite clubs & Ill put them in a championship competition & we might do a poll towards the end of 2011

The best “night” or the best “Nightclub”?

The Pav is an awful smelly shit hole in Cork, but it has the best night, Fish Go Deep (Greg & Shane of Sir Henrys fame)once a month.

This is a super reply from NCC,well played mate.

Great idea mate.

I nominate Angel Lane Limerick.

never been in sr henrys but people in Dublin always spoke highly of it

You would alright, bender :rolleyes:

I would be far more comfortable in angel lane than some of the other nightclubs in Limerick such as Trinity Rooms or the Icon which are filled with pretentious cunts and wannabes…

Ya, was a great spot, again it wasn’t very pleasing on the eye, but the music and the atmosphere were very memorable.

Now on my question, is it the “Night” or the actual club itself?

It was a big pill spot wasn’t it?


thats the impression I am under

maybe padjo could do a guide on the best places to go when your chewing your lips

i would assume that they are slighly symbiotic but for the purpose of this thread nightclub

Padjo and Kev - Pill Buddies


The coast - Lahinch, for obvious reasons.

massive, but i was very anti drugs when it was at its height. I just went in there for the music, the crack and the women. Had it been there when i was around 23-24 i’d probably be dead now. :smiley:

But this is all about 2011, so i’m going to report back first after wherever i was new years night 2011.

My prediction is The Savoy, Cork will do very well.

Kevs night out


Good man, noddy. Here, have ye many nightclubs in Burgess?