The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


Meyler wants Eoin Cadogan back with the hurlers next year.

Is he still any good with Douglas @caoimhaoin


As far as i remember he has only played 1-2 games in 2 years.

His time has gone for hurling i woukd suggest.


Would have thought so too. Mostly carrying some sort of injury these days as well.

He probably should be moving onto coaching etc. rather than playing at this stage


Ah i’d say he would do a good job in football still. Just needs to ease off the training


He is confirmed as a member of the hurling panel according to some lad on PROC. Bizarre decision by all involved.


Strange, he was never much of a hurler at his very best, like Kev I think he still has plenty to offer the footballers but he’s wasting everybody’s time here


He’s a very average footballer too.


Cadogan was a savage hurler underage and a well above average intercounty hurling. Had just about developed into a very good full back before switching to football. I think he will be a great addition to hurlers and will do a great job at full back. Fact his brother is a key player probably makes a big difference. Can see cahalane moving to midfield.


:joy: Based off what exactly


Based on what he did previously.


Which was what exactly and when?


Read my first post, very slowly like a good lad.


You expect a 31 year old who hasn’t played IC hurling in 5 years and was an unremarkable player when he did play to be up to marking Seamus Callanan?


How many intercounty fullbacks are up to that task exactly? He wont be marking him every match. I think he will be more than adequate. Time will tell. We could go back and forth all day on this. It’s all conjecture at this stage. Feel free to tag me later on in the summer :sunglasses:


Dathi Burke, but he doesn’t have to play Tipp every year. On an unrelated note, Galway are the only team able to match Tipperary at the moment. :thinking:


That’s my point exactly. He is no DB, but will be as good as any of the other intercounty fullbacks imho.


The full backs on teams that can’t beat Galway or Tipperary?
Says a lot about where Cork hurling is that you are content to just be one of the second rate teams


Thats where we are at now.


No offence mate but Cahalane midfield? Huh? What?