The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread


I think he would be great there. Work rate and athletism.


Kanturk wont die wondering


Cadogan got his arse handed too him by that Watson fella above in Croker a few years ago, he’s all aul shapes and nothing behind it, bring him back and play him full back I say


I think you may have a point on Cads FB, but its a stretch.

The football set uo looks dodgy, maybe playing with his brother was the key.

Cahalane lacks acceleration, thats why i would wonder. He’d need a serious lad beside him. Maybe Fitzgibbon is the man


Cahalane was excellent in the backs all year and now we want to move him to midfield? Coleman is the only back we should consider at midfield, he got cleaned under puck outs at least twice this year.


He’s what 19? Relax FFS. He’s only learning his trade.


Watson absolutely roasted him, got about seven points from play that day.

He did an interview in the Sindo later and said that Cadogan was mouthing off early in the game before Watson advised him “you don’t know what you’re dealing with.”


Watson is a hardy buck ive seen him a few times in club games


A class hurler. Played with him this year in the UK. Probably one of the best if not the best I’ve played with.


Ah he is brilliant.

Unfortunate for him to be in a county with such issues and disinterest


He’s pretty high maintenance though. I can see how he fell out with trainers down the years. However he performs everyday he plays and is some condition for 35.


Watson had it in him to roast anybody on his day. Wasn’t he the same fella who beat Na Piarsaigh of Limerick on his own following their first Munster win?
Cahalane can be a very fine full back yet, Coleman will be a superb wing back but has the game for midfield as well.


A bit more muscle and Coleman and Fitzgibbon has the potential to be an outrageous midfild pairing.


I suppose i’m talking about Antrim in general.

Did he play in dublin for a while?


Is it true the story I heard about the internet blackmail thing with him recently, I’ve friends from a rival club up that way so it could be bullshit


Possibly even better than Tom and Jerry but I’ve never seen Coleman play midfield, does he play there on other teams?


No. There were rumours he was going to Dublin but I doubt they approached him.


Some truth in it I think. I don’t know the ins and outs of it. Think it was a few years ago.


Blarney ya, but that wouldn’t mean much


He could have been the final cog in shoving them further