The Official Cork GAA 2017 Thread




I think it’s Colman’s, CBC, Midleton and is it North Mon? Some gaelscoil anyway.



What on earth is happening in Cork?


Coach in CBC is a selector with cork seniors next year i think.


The merchant classes of cork have seen the light . Frank Murphy’s greatest triumph .


Ah this is coming with a long time.

New proncipal came in about 9 years ago and made all sport a focus. They have kids coming from alot of the big clubs.

CBC would be relatively cheap to go to i private school terms. Getting in would not be easy without family in there from the past but its nowhere near as hob knobby as Pres.

No reason schools that big cannot be competitive in numerous sports.

Donal o’ Mahoney and a few other Glen lads are behind it



Stephen McDonnell taking a year out.


Nothing interview. The McDonnell ‘broke’ online about a month ago. Nothing about Cadogan or O’Driscoll joining, either it isn’t happening or he doesn’t want to piss off the footballers.


Just got this from kevin donovan


O’Donovan 462
Murphy 274.

Horgan 383
Hanley 342.

Gowen 310
O’Flynn 301
Gowen 67 O’Flynn 52

Romped home.

Change is afoot. The people have had enough.

Watch out ye cunts


Which positions were those votes for Kev?


Well kevin was in for vice Chair.

Essentially he will follow Tracey Kennedy into Chairmanship.

Thats an umbelievable hammering for the County Board. Their man who they put front and centre with that recent plan etc got whipped.

Talk up to yesterday was he would lose a tightish 55-45 kinda vote.


Gowen is new treasurer.

Horgan is development officer. Nothing role really


I take it O’Donovan and Gowen would be similiar in outlook?
Decent powerbase to work off.


Gowen is a safe bet. Would not imagine he is much of a boat rocker. Knew his dad briefly in the past, can’t imagine he is too different.

They certainly seem to have a mandate for change anyway


Can’t change everything at once, runs the risk getting marginalized by the lads comfortable with the status quo. Interesting times though.



First game is four years and its cancelled. :frowning:


The epitaphs are being written again by the knowledgeable posters of TFK, you’ve dodged a bullet


Saved us all your boring commentary on how shit cork are