The Official TFK Census 2011 Results Thread

Preliminary results available on the CSO website from today. Please peruse and post one or two nuggets that catch your attention.
I noted the cataclysmic population drop in Portmarnock offset by the commensurate rise in the Coast region. And I noted that there are now very many more females than males in the State which will obviously add to further relationship instability as it is now a quantifiable fact that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

They were saying that a surprising trend in the results is that the extent of immigration seems to have been greatly overstated.

Emigration I think

Shocking that Wexford has the 3rd highest population outside of Dublin in Leinster yet continues to be overlooked for local development / jobs by the IDA and other bodies. It’s no wonder that a raft of local businesses have come together and taken on the task themselves of trying to reinvigorate the county.

But yet it’s no surprise that Wexford has the highest amount of vacant dwellings in Leinster outside of Dublin.

The emigration figures are interesting alright, might be masked somewhat by net inflows in 06 & 07 probably won’t really show until the next census.
Cork city & Limerick showing a decline. But Limerick was full of foreigners.
Interesting that there is actually less vacant houses in Dublin & Kildare now than in 06, would tie in with a lot of anecdotal evidence I’ve heard that decent property in Dublin is hard to get and snapped up quickly (obviously at much more realistic prices).
One in 5 houses in Clare vacant is shocking, they’ll never be worth anything. Is vacant just no one permanently living there or does it include holiday homes? If it doesn’t include holiday homes the figure must be more like 2 in 5

Going by the background notes at the end of the document you’d assume vacant properties excludes holiday homes

Leitrim must be completely empty. 30% vacant

I was an enumerator on the census last year and two out of three houses I surveyed were vacant and a majority of the other houses would have only the parents left at home.

I agree that the IDA by and large ignores the generally better educated and more cultured people of Wexford but I think it’s a better result entirely if Wexford businesses drive growth in the area rather than depending on costly and grant driven vote grabbing industries planted here by political bodies.

The country as a whole should once again follow Wexford’s lead and try to get itself sorted rather than expect communist like hand outs from a government that isn’t for purpose.

Do they achieve that standard of education in the University of Wexford? Or even Wexford IT?

84 people between the ages of 20 and 30 left kilmihil. now some guy has no one to go for pints with.

:lol: Typically foolish insular view from a Western Seaboard dweller.

A few rich kid sons of retired Gardai might get sent off to boarding school in Dublin and go onto college, but by and large Wexford is inhabitated by strawberry picking spud muchers.

I’d love to know what third level degree Liam Dunne has. Probably something in communication and PR

So people who eat strawberries and potatoes aren’t as intelligent as those who don’t? That’s a weird assumption.

He did a FÁS course in the Lar Corbett school of communications I believe

That is a tough course to get into :clap:

No I said people who work at picking strawberries and also eat potatoes aren’t as intelligent as those who don’t.