The official TFK "Dagos/Wops are racist cunts" thread

Boateng walks off of pitch in disgust after racist taunting at soccerball match in Italy. Despicable conduct from the Eye-Ties, but at least they didn’t try to stab him in the arse.

“Italy, as much as any country in Europe, has a serious problem of racism to deal with. Football infrastructure is in need of renewal and at serious odds with the changing nature of Italian society. We look forward to strong action by the FIGC (Italian FA).”

It’s a disgusting society in general there. The north is not so bad but Rome and the south are vulgar places.

This is a racist thread. I think the way Italy has reacted to this incident really shows the class and humility of the nation. Widespread condemnation and transparency amongst the governing bodies and the leading figures. This is in stark contrast to England where the governing body tried to vilify an innocent man in Luis Suarez, then when former national team captain gets busted he doesn’t get the same punishment, you had black players upset with the anti-racism bodies in the game, their best defender left at home because his brother was the victim of a racist. Sickening stuff, in Italy we exemplify model behaviour, even when nasty occasional arise like this we show the class and humility.

I think that’s what seperates Italy from the the other countries, sometimes we do the wrong thing in haste but we always try to make amends. It reminds me of the time when Daniele De Rossi smashed Brian McBride with an elbow in the 2006 World Cup, Daniele was sent off but in the aftermath of the game he looked for McBride to apologise for what he did, McBride said De Rossi was ‘classy’ for approaching him after the game - I think that word encapsulates Italians in one. We are a classy people, sometimes it’s very hard to be humble when you’re Italian but we do a damn good job at it. We will deal with racism and we will deal with it in a humble and classy way - we won’t try and vilify foreigners.

Great post.

HHDDL badly clamped.

Cowardly, greasy and corrupt should also be included in the thread title.

Cowardly? We are meeting the problem head on.

Greasy? Your skin is pale and dry and flakes up, you two headed ginger bog beast.

Corrupt? The transparency of Italy’s judicial proceedings is used a means to portray Italy in a bad light while really it should be the other way around.

The sunburnt armpit unit of the Italian armed forces is known far and wide.
Eyeties are so greasy they look like walking oil slicks. Its a wonder the fuckers dont leave a trail in their wake.
Corrupt like you said there.

Fine people though, just all of the above as well.

Bomber, how are you Italians dealing with the problem head on? I was listening to a discussion about this last night on the BBC. Apparently when Boateng complained to the ref about the racist chanting, he was told not to worry about it.

I see Sepp Blatter has entered the discussion with all the subtlety of a Kevin Muscat tackle.

I believe he has suggested that black players should wear shorter shorts to accentuate their muscular legs and hopefully the (usually gay) neo nazis and ultras will be too distracted by their ebony manliness to make monkey noises and whatnot.

What was wrong with what the referee did? He was trying to comfort Boateng. You’re despicable.

Which is what Boateng said to the ref…

President of FIGC, Giancarlo Abete has said that they are prepared to suspend games in the event of racist abuse. That is leadership, that is transparency and that is tackling racism.

Fitzy is depsicable.