The Official TFK El Nino 2024 Thread

hard to disagree with the below statement

Enjoy the steak sandwiches @padjo @maurice_brown @MountLeinster

51K Risk Assessor tells the truth about climate on Twitter: “No one is talking about it, but the next El Nino 2024 will be the most significant event so far in our civilisation’s history, and that’s including WW2.” / Twitter

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You are vile

That breaks my heart, coming less than 24 hours after we were discussing our pre Christmas ‘cheat’ day :frowning_face:

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Mate, does this mean I’m going to get more rain? Cos I’m a bit over it.

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


sadly, yes

Haven’t you heard, I am only eating vegans now. Bitter cunts but hey I’ll do me bit.

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How droll

That guy tells the truth about climate.

@The_Selfish_Giant , can you fire on a membership form for the Green Party please.

Just write you application on a lettuce leaf.

Begod I did. Prime Irish Beef and all.



The 1997 El Niño was a top, top El Niño. I’ll be watching this thread with interest.

Anyone else got any favourites?

@The_Selfish_Giant scientists reckon you might be a year late with this


This isnt going to be good guys

More ominous mentions on the news today. Both the sweltering heat and the deluges are going to be off the charts this year. Hard to see past Limerick really.