The Official TFK Everton F.C. Supporters Thread

They’ll win the derby

Premier League Celebration GIF by MolaTV

Arise Agent Dyche to carry on the work of Agent Rafa.

Dyche is a boyhood Liverpool Footix

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Sean Dyche after schooling Lego Man Arteta. A proper football manager is Sean Dyche.

Can Coach Conte school Coach Pep?

Spurs historically usually beat Citeh when it matters. We are 4 wins from 4 against Citeh as well at the revamped White Hart Lane. Haven’t conceded a goal in any of those 4 games either. They can have all their blood oil money, but Citeh will never have any class or history. It really would be a damning indictment of how far we’ve fallen under Coach Conte this season if we can’t win that one.

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Dyche doing Dyche things. A miracle worker

He’s a fine manager. Everton will stay up comfortably.

Just watching MOTD here.

The Ginger Guardiola fairly schooled Arteta there today.