The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


A jersey ?? Ffs sake. A glorified rodent.
Admins ban this cunt.


Dairy. Mostly British fresians. Those cunts of Holsteins are only trouble, either lameness , barren or pendulous udders or high cell counts there’s always something wrong with them, not worth the extra yield.


The Bradley’s are serious operators by the sound of it. Grand bull calves too from British Fresian. Has he a Hereford bull?


No an Angus. Only got him last week. The other Angus broke his willy, so he went to the factory.


Always heard that they are dangerous bulls to have around. Were you ever chased out over a wall?


I thought you would be more into the sheep Bradley. Easier to handle :wink:


The Angus are normally ok. Got a bad dig a few years back from a young fresian would you believe, he was like a gazelle inside in the dairy yard. The little scrawny cunt had me knocked and shoved under the gate before I knew it. All in one big jump. He was in the box and on the way to Rathkeale by lunchtime, I still get nightmares about it.
I had a hand scraper in my hand and hopped it off his eye and it may as well have been a twig. He done me nicely.


These lads. Look at the size of the arse :heart_eyes:


I’d rather deal with a sheep that deal with you.




Same happened myself when I was 16. He was only around 2 and a half. Was in the middle of a field counting the group of cattle and he charges me from behind. Cunt fired me up in the air and landed on top of me when I hit the deck. Somehow legged it and got away. Very disappointed as I thought we were pals :joy:


You’d have to have a grudging respect for the limousin.


You’d always be thinking you’d get away, until they have a go at you. They’re fast as lightning if they want to be.


Sneaky cunts too, wait until your back is turned. Fresians are the worst by far though.


Some coincidence that the two best posters on TFK have both been savagely attacked by fresian bulls.


At 2-3 years old they’re at their most territorial stage. You were lucky.


I’ve often heard that about Fresian bulls, hard to believe when they are so docile as bullocks


You’d be fairly quiet too if you had no balls. Sure look at @The_Selfish_Giant these days.


Yeah. They must be all the same, this lad ignored me when I opened a calving pen he was in, it’s adjacent to the dairy holding yard 30/40 seconds later as I was walking out to the gate he took a mad jump from the pen and barely touched the ground once and was on me as I swung the scraper at him. Luckily the force knocked me towards the gate and I rolled out. The speed of him frightened me more than anything.


Horrendous experience. You got lucky, pal. First sign of that shit and they have to get the hook.