The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


If we upload enough hi-res pictures of random fields I reckon we should be able to break the entire website long before then.




We have the grandchildren here for the week (as if I wasn’t busy enough ) and they were all messing about in the yard yesterday when the fucking squad car rolled up the street. Out hops an unknown buck of a lad, adjusts the cap and goes “Howya Boxty”.

I’m at a bit of a loss here until the eldest ladéén (12) shouts Yer’ in trouble Grandad…

Guard introduces himself and announces that I have a gun license. I have Guard says I - is there an issue?

No says he, but I need to inspect the gun case…

I’m fucked now cos’ there’s nothing in it.

“Grand secure case says the buck but where’s the gun?”

The smallies are playing fuck now and the eldest girl says “he has it under the bed”…Grrrrr…

Cue a lecture of the sternest nature, the dangers around kids etc…My mumblings about the security of cartridges were dismissed out of hand and I was a chastened soul thereafter…

On the plus side they didn’t mention the fact we’ve had a few shots at crows during the week and on the minus side is the fact that legally it should be in the case.

The local Sergt. thought it was all gas…The fucker sent the Guard out to create a bit of a stir for the young ones…

It’'ll take a bottle or two of Jameson to put this one to bed…


You are some man for one man, Boxty. :clap::clap::clap::clap:


A great day on the Inishowen peninsula, Co Donegal today with the 50th Clonmany Agricultural show. It was roaster heaven.

1st prize winning sheep - A Herdwick

A beautiful David Brown 780




Are you making heart eyes at the sheep? So the stories are true then :thinking:


I explicitly quoted the tractor not the sheep pal to avoid such accusations you clown


Anyone going in for this lads? Sounds like mighty crack


Cost: The only private company making cultured beef as of June 2016 reports a production cost of about €36,200/kg,
representing an 18-fold price reduction compared with the €650,000/kg burger unveiled in 2013. One leading researcher announced in late 2015 that, under ideal conditions, combining pharmaceutical bioreactor technology to existing tissue culture techniques can already reduce costs to €60/kg of cultured ground beef.
It should be noted that, while the cost of cultured meat should aim to match that of regular meat, the current market average of meat
is artificially low as a result of heavy government subsidizing of animal agriculture.


And people think I’m odd?



She was ate with maggots lads


The dirty cunts


@Brimmer_Bradley Sunday drinking and farming don’t mix. Get well soon mate.


I was grand, just a bit addled from the whiskey


What’s the procedure for getting rid of dead livestock. Farmer has left a dead sheep in the field behind us. He knows it’s there. Plenty of other sheep and cattle in the same field. Dead sheep has open wounds.


Eat it


I’m a useless townie cunt.


Its an ancient muldoon custom mate.

Every October we’d kill the unhealthiest animal in the herd and leave it in open view to unsettle the townie folk.