The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


You need to splash a bit of this on her @KinvarasPassion


Stick your thumb up it’s hole


Call the dead man.


We’re fucked, lads.


I note the citizens assembly has come out and says it’s time to put a carbon tax the farmers

A cracking idea


+1 - They’ve the world fucked.

Farmers and GM food enthusiasts


Tick tock tick tock


Made clane shit of the door glass of the Case IH this morning. Bah .


We need more details than that mate… Were you hungover at work for example?


I wish. Just took eyes off the prize for a few seconds. Full glass panel window as well ffs.


No better time of year to do it :snowman:


Have you windscreen cover? :rofl:


The door hanging open I suppose




Tomorrow’s the big day lads


Scenes guys! Although imagine the crowds if they’d arrived home tomorrow


Jaysus I thought you’d know better than that.


The motorway would be full of Isuzus and Pajeros heading from the airport to do the shopping


I’d expect the official DVD to be on the shelves in time for Crimbo. Maybe Aer Lingus will even do a special livery for one of their auld planes.


Buff and the cute sheep farming hours better watch out