The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


No. But I will if she lets me


Wonderful harmless animals…Every farmer (pretend or otherwise) should have a pair.

FAO @HBV and @Brimmer_Bradley it only takes a modicum of smooching as per my goats.


Great men to ckear brambles, the goats.






Sure even the lads in thomomdgate keep a few goats


There’s still some serious gangsters out there “farming”


That never happened. Vegan propaganda.


Amazing how the meadows recovered after the harsh spring. Freshly cut.


To be fair KP, the drying and growth in May was unreal… I would say we haven’t seen anything like it for years if not decades


Fuck the growth levels, give me my 10th like you cunt!

Edit: a drop of rain wouldn’t go astray to keep growth up for late closed meadows.


April - We’ve no grass, give us a grant
June - We’ve too much grass, give us a grant


Happy to oblige pal.


I was only remarking this very issue to a neighbour of mine last week.

That’s a fine meadow of stuff.


Neighbor mowed off a Paddock yesterday evening that was grazed 3 weeks ago. It went too heavy to graze again in that period. Growth levels are off the hook.
The roadside hedges tell it the most, pulling out at junctions is lethal on Country Roads.


+1, the long acre is bushier than a 70s porno at the moment, lethal stuff.


Precious much?


It’ll all be wanted. If we get another long winter we’re fucked. Grain is down at least 100,000 tons, that’s a fair shortfall to make up with forage.


Fuck the grain, can’t bed animals on grain. Straw is going to be scarce as fuck.


Did you ever hear of slats down your way.