The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


Busy people these days. John McCartin headed up a consortium that moved into some of the Quinn enterprises and still finds time to be Co. Councillor and start impromptu sing-songs. An alright sort in spite of his political affiliations.


Meadow in County DERRY


Are they catholic or protestant cattle?


Their atheist cattle - Catholic atheists




That lad should have been killed six weeks ago. Is 5+ for fat :eek:


I’ll wipe his arse and dispatch him asap


Balls like a Bengali tiger


Spring Corn being chopped and ensiled, fucking heartbreaking to see that.



Everything I knew about farming as a young lad was learned from this ad (and Glenroe)

I was busy for a few days in the past week helping the father in law prep for the Bord Bia inspection, mostly powerwashing and general tidying but somebody had to do it.

98% is good I suppose?


Where did he get marked down?


Power washing


Don’t know that now, I was long gone by then, I’d say having some gobdaw townie hanging around the yard minding his shoes wouldn’t look great




Met this ‘lad’ when out for a cycle earlier
Cc @mikehunt


He likes you anyway


Good news lads, Maize is literally bouncing up out of the ground.


Aye, the big lad’s big lad was on full show


Farmers shaking Fertilizer all over the place.

Grass bouncing.