The Official TFK Farming Thread - Rural Lives Matter


I really enjoyed this post. I love the way you described it. only @HBV or @Smark have that talent, to describe a situation, and make you feel like you are there, living it, experiencing it.


Joel Salatin. This lad has a load of stuff on YouTube.
60k USD profit on 20 acres of land. Farmers here would do well to see 6k on 20 acres.



You’ve a touch of a Cork accent on you, pal.


Take that back or I’ll be emailing the history department as well :joy::rofl::rofl:


the wildest animals I have ever laid eyes on are Lim X Cha crosses, typically 3/4 or 7/8 Limousin. They will go out through gaps the size of their heads and just keep kicking til they get through. I was squeezing (castrating for the city folk) a bunch of weanlings in the heel of the year, around November time. It was very cold and very wet. A weanling Lim X Ch cross bull came up the crush like he had a rocket up his ass and ploughed out through the head gate, which promptly closed and caught him. Unfortunately, this agent didn’t realise he was caught and kept pushing and going generally berserk until I noticed that the bolts holding the head gate on to the front of the crush were starting to give… sure enough the fecker pushed out the gate with his bloody head stuck in it and then proceeded to try to run around the yard, whilst it was still attached. Now anyone who has mounted one of those O’Donnell gates knows they are pretty heavy and he didn’t get far. 10 mins later he was out cold (anaesthetic) and we were cutting the gates off with an angle grinder… The defining moment though was when yer man turns to me, the gate in bits on the concrete, the animal out cold beside it and the pair of us soaked to the core, with a wry smile. ‘Aaah… we might leave it (the squeezing) for another day’.
You can’t beat timing…



Edit : who was the lunatic that administed the anesthetic?


Me… it was the only way we could get him to stay still… made a full recovery after it… sans necklace of course.
Unfortunately, I have seen worse than that.


:grin: :grin: Big stupid grin on me here finishing up for the day reading that. How did you even corner him to administer the anaesthetic?? Christ I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with that cross…you’ve a fine mix of deranged lunacy (Limousin) and pure mad-for-gap jumpiness (Charolais).


Some fucking rookie shit. I’d kill the cunt.


Mad fuckers

A few aul white heads or pollies are lovely, quiet animals.

The limousins we had years ago were always a tad daft. We’d a few belgian blues. Difficult enough calvers but gentle enough after that


Ah once he had ran around the yard with the O’Donnell gate on his head for a few minutes, he lay down with exhaustion… easy jab him then…
Lad, I could write a book of stories like that…


Unbelievable. All joking aside, any time you gather them together you are literally putting your life at risk. They’d kill you stone dead in seconds.


Why bother with them? Are you making more money out of them than other breeds


It’s like that one mental friend you have. Never enjoyable at the time, but involved in all the best stories


Its the danger element Dan, like having sex in a vault.


Is it the bank vault or the other kind you’d be thinking about?


By anaesthetic I assume you mean a belt of a broken shear grab pin across the forehead?


You mean to say you haven’t done background checks on the more established posters here and learned of deeds of derring-do in their earlier incarnations…work to do my man.
Consider it like a bedtime story :
There once was a poster called Dan Carter… Off you go now…


He made a deposit