The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


Ah now. You’re the exception to the rule. A throughly alright sort that’s not afraid to shoot first and ask questions later. A mans mans who’s not dictated to by other people.


The same mugs you brown nose for the all important likes.


The kind of lad that would not have his holidays dictated to him by two spinsters? Or have his 8 year old make him buy her a new iphone?


Here’s a like. Four more and you are one post closer to the club.


I’d be surprised if we cross referenced these admired posters with the ‘most likes’ given to and received by if the same names weren’t repeated over and over,


No buddy. Because of my position I take my annual leave when I like. That row about the leave was about getting a fair deal for the junior staff. It worked and I have made some nasty enemies after it.
Re my daughter and her phone. I presumed you of all people would understand about the importance of doing what a woman tells you to do.


Very long winded reply there —like most forumites, you’re dancing to the beat of an Admired poster.


Wouldn’t ye all be better off doing stuff with yer children on this lovely sunny day as opposed to counting “likes”? Or else, stay here and show off about how ye are above adequate fathers or regale us with mildly amusing anecdotes about yer childer


Well I’m here on a day off ( union business) and having a roaring fight with my eldest daughter and I’m sorry I took the cunting day off at all.
So fuck that shit. Sometimes the less time you spend with your kids the better.


Do the analysis and enlighten us.


I’ve just returned from a week in a camper van with them, six of us sleeping in an area about the size of a standard box room, I’m working in the garden today while they mill about annoying me, what does @caulifloweredneanderthal expect from us top top fathers?


Your most liked posters here


That’s a fair old clique alright. Most of them on the wane too.


Any chance I can borrow your lawnmower kid?


Some top posters in that list in all fairness


My eldest one is really really trying my patience at the moment, she’s nice as pie when she gets her own way and can be great. However when she wants something and can’t have it she turns into a sullen sulky little bitch.
I’ll teach her though.


Extend an olive branch @Brimmer_Bradley

You’re a good man and a good father and I’m sure you could rescue the day yet. It won’t be long before she’s fled the nest and you’ll be longing for those days when ye were roaring and shouting at each other


I will in me hoop. That’s like something her mother would say.
She’ll learn not to cross me, it’ll be a life lesson in picking the battles you can win and waking away from the ones you’ll lose.


That’s lovely mate, reminds me of the poem Subh Milis
Or this little yoke that we got from the kids Montessori school


As I said, you’re a good man. She’s probably a chip off the old block and the two of ye are probably quite stubborn. don’t let it fester pal