The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


Are you sure about that? I’m using this that we got for the air matresses and it takes about 10 minutes.


Yeah similar to the one I have alright. Does the job real quick. Something not right if it’s taking ten minutes


My wife would consider it grounds for divorce if I took the kids to the shops in a day like this,


She sounds like a gem, particularly after you inadvertently stuck a photo of her up here last week


Ah here, what the fuck are you whinging about?


Who’s whinging?


Thanks buddy,
Today was day 10 of it. Nothing can prepare you for the experience of the first few weeks of your first born :joy:


@ChocolateMice doing his best to steal your thunder all week! The like bait cunt.

Congrats pal!


Fair fucks. I believe we will be meeting in person at an event next month and we can toast your new arrival then :beers::beers:


I was fit to throw the child in the bin after the first week. :see_no_evil:


Got a lovely nice reply for that ‘obvious’ gag - Up your bollox, pal.


I’ve got the kids for a few days and was going to take them to sligo but it’ll be pissing rain. Any ideas on a good day out tomorrow lads?


How many kids are we talking about here and how old are they?


2 kids. Little lady is 5 and the berserker is 2


Where are you mate?


I’m in Fingal. But I’m willing to downgrade if necessary.


National Aquatic Centre or Base in Maynooth


Newgrange Farm.


If there’s a leisureplex near you, take them to the zoo play area inside. Plenty of madness inside for kids that age.


Airfield in Dundrum is a nice way to spend a few hours and you’ll be well fed in the restaurant