The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


They come with the Lego


You can download instructions for specific sets. Has your kid seen this?


Great show. She is only 5 so just learning the trade yet


5 already? Yikes. I hope you have her on the creatine. She needs to hit her marks early.


Which is grand until, as a pal of mine discovered recently, the tracker in your 15yo daughters phone is in the hilton Hotel until the early hours.


Are you mates with Liam Neeson?






So are you saying kids should or shouldn’t have trackers on them?


They shouldnt. They just need good parenting.


Is your dog chipped?


If it’s not, it’s breaking the law… or more accurately he is


Of course he’s chipped - I dont think the situations are equal - Unless you think kids are no better than a dog?


Correct - is there a law out there saying you have to chip your kids?


None I’m aware of…


She’s grounded. For life I’d say. Her brother and my lad are great pals. Your man arrived at the door saying he had to get out as there was so much shouting going on


why did he put on the tracker? Would he not have gone down and got her from the hotel after curfew? is he using it as a device to passively aggressively control her or to actively protect her?

Sounds a cunt


Who or what was in the hotel with her?


Her phone


This might be of interest