The official TFK Gamechanger Thread

Lunchtime cycles

Berocca Boost

Ester C

:eek: Daily dose of aspartame, courtesy of your ‘friends’ in Bayer :thumbsup:

As I type, I’m listening to some lunatic that wrote an album on a Game Boy. Yes - a fucking 1980s / 1990s 8-bit handheld gaming console. This is is gamechanger. Danimal Cannon has ripped up the rulebook.

Glow in the dark cement

It’s taken nine years of work, but it turns out it can be done. Scientist Jose Carlos Rubio, of Mexico’s University of San Nicolas de Hidalgo, has just patented his glow-in-the-dark cement.

And what are its applications, other than looking very cool? Dr Rubio believes it could be a new way to light cities, streets and buildings without using electricity: the only thing emitted during its production is water vapour.

It was a long process. Part of the challenge was cement’s opacity: the trick, he discovered, was to remove the crystal flakes that occur as a byproduct in one production method, which is done by changing the microstructure of the cement.

But the results are impressive – his cement should glow for about 12 hours, and last for up to 100 years. The light emitted can be green or blue, and it’s brightness can be adjusted depending on its intended use.

“Due to this patent (the first one for this university), others have surfaced worldwide,” says Dr Rubio. “In the UK, we received recognition from the Newton fund, given by the Royal Engineering Academy of London, which chooses global success cases in technology and entrepreneurship.”

The whole process is also reportedly quite environmentally friendly, which should be enough to give pedestrians a warm and fuzzy glow.

Essentially a police aid to catch late night revellers who are completely off their heads. That Mexican cunt deserves a bullet.

Linking audible to Sonos. Being read to while I potter about or have a drink.

Changed the game.

A fancy radio / CD player really

The only people on here with fancy radio and CD players and indeed cassette decks are @Fagan_ODowd and @flattythehurdler


I have so many questions

I’m off for a bounce now. Can they wait?


Be careful when you ask them. You might catch him on the hop.


@The_Selfish_Giant will be hopping mad if they were not manufactured locally.

That’ll put a real spring in your step

It’ll be interesting if there’s a segregated hopping lane near him.

I’m reminded of what the prostitute said to the guy with 1 ball… Hop it…

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Or a hop on hop off bus service

Good luck. I’ll leave this here for your knees.

Check in @The_Selfish_Giant?