The Official TFK Greenwashing Thread

Mark Santomartino on Twitter: ““Australia’s greenest freeway” opens this Sunday. The new Mordialloc freeway will save drivers up to 10 minutes and get up to 13,000 trucks off local roads. @JacintaAllanMP says it’s the first new freeway finished since Peninsula Link in 2013. @9NewsMelb” / Twitter

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Bullet points please

the headline should tell you enough mate

It’s the opposite of green, just like every other freeway that induces more driving & more suburban sprawl. It will quickly fill up with even more cars stuck in the same or worse congestion

By that token all flights are green by dint of people not having to drive to magaluf to spend a fortnight drinking in an oirish bar with wannabe konors.

yes, this is the greenwashing thread mate


apologies everyone, this is the Official Greenwashing thread

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Call for petrol and diesel cars to be ‘part of the solution’ to reduce emissions (

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Apple Green Fuel Plus is advertised as carbon neutral

They are buying carbon credits I think

What’s the craic there @The_Selfish_Giant
Can I fill up with a clear conscience now

Fill up?

My ICE with carbon neutral fuel ?

Seems a win win.

Just put a battery in your car mate, there are places that convert for you

Those batteries ain’t organic pal.

I was going to go EV but this carbon neutral fuel is a gamechanger.

what happens when the millions of batteries degrade this decade?

An absolute cod

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We all agree that active travel and public transport is the answer but EVs are the lesser of two evils as decarbonising transport has to happen

Freudian but correct.

devastating environments and ecology in 3rd World countries so a few rich lads can feel smug about making fuck all impact on carbon emissions. Good on you

you saw it yourself at COP26 - the chance to make a miniscule impact on them, and I mean miniscule by making India and China reduce their emissions, was let go and instead they said they’ll tax the working man for getting to work

they don’t give a fuck about the environment, they give a fuck about profits from EV’s and Carbon Tax.

Happy to hear your solutions for Ireland to reduce carbon


Cars are an anachronism mate, sulkys are the future


how much did emissions fall by during the pandemic? What tangible effect had it on the climate?
Hint. Lots and none.