The official TFK list of 🐐 experts - Hurleyers on the ditch

The price of cocoa on the commodities exchanges

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I’ll ask you to kindly withdraw that jibe

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Carvery and burger prices of yesteryear


In fairness I heard something on RTE 1 radio about it in the last 24 hours.

Price increases over the years in the 51

The greatness of Mike Tyson/baxing

The passage of legislation through the Houses of the Oireachtas.


100% they will

Life and the causes of it’s problems in the modern age

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My missus doesn’t use red sauce at all. She arrived home with Chef for the kids the other evening. The kids only eat Heinz.

They won’t eat that I said. She said they wouldn’t know the difference. Young one spat it out on the first bite. “Something wrong with this red sauce Dad”

There’s a big difference in fairness. Heinz is way sweeter.

I used to use Kandee as a kid. I don’t know if you can get it anymore. Red sugar it was. Class



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Kandee was unreal,it was very sweet.Youd see it a lot on tables in Cafés and chippers as it was cheap I’d say.Heinz out of a glass bottle is the only job.I don’t like Chef.And if I’m having brown sauce it has to be YR.


Ah Kandee was different class. Its the taste of a plastic carton of chips from the chip wagon on the side of the road, going into a match or at a beach or something. With about ten chips in the carton


I would describe kandee as vinegary rather than sweet
It was heaven on piping hot chips


The correct measure of application for Kandee was ‘dousing’, ie I fucking doused them in it

The amount of people with a cross border commute and their respective methods of travel.

This thread has really lost its way :flushed::man_shrugging:

Single Farm Whiskey will straighten it out….

Ways to the aviva

What a homeless man’s shit would look like. Some fucking weirdos out there lads.

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