The Official TFK Man City* 🐐 Supporter Thread (Nobody Gives A Flying Fuck About Them)

signing in

shaping up to be a cracking season for man city-savic is a great purchase

hopefully some fellow romanistas,madridistas,Tims & Hoops will show up on this thread

What a day. I dreamt of it, was tempted to post it, but never felt the climate was right. A Man City fans thread on TFK. Ah lovely.


In Roberto we trust.


Signing in.

It will be a great day when Oasis FC lift Englands biggest football trophy.

Following on from a brief exchange that took place between myself and mbb in the transfer window thread, I don’t think Zlatan will be coming here mate. I have, however, a hunch that Sneijder will be joining the good half of Manchester as we put in place our bid to end the league title drought. If Tevez leaves, I would expect it to be to Real and that would only come about in the event of Benzema and Higuain joining us. I feel Arsenal would be much more willing to sell Nasri to us, as opposed to United.

Here’s to a great season ahead and I would like to place City at no.3 in my favoured teams to win the CL this season.

  1. Real Madrid
  2. AC Milan
  3. Man City

Hope we can grab our second piece of silverware this season today.

We’re 1 up.

Lescott. :clap:

What a strike by Dzeko!


Fuckin hell, how much did ferguson pay for that goalie?

David De Gea was dodgy enough for that one.

De Gea conceded more shots from outside the box than any other keeper in La Liga last season.

Fuck sake Rocko at least I credited Wilson in mine :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew that De Gea stat before Wilson mentioned it on Twitter.

So there.

He was backpeddling towards his line as Dzeko was running with the ball. Never seemed to get set before diving for it.

Debate on Twitter now about whether it’s to do with the foot he pushes off or speed of foot movement.

Ah it wasn’t Wilson who alerted me to it. That was widely discussed when he was making the move as Opta had mentioned it and loads of places picked it up.

Wonderful equaliser for United.

We need to bring Kun on. :angry:

City. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think we need another centre half in to partner Kompany and also believe we need another holding midfielder to pair with De Jong. I’m not a big fan of Yaya Toure.

I think Manchester United’s celebrations of a glorified friendly victory show they fear City. You’d swear they’d won the Dublin Super Cup or something the way they’re jumping around and singing.

A warm embrace between two good Catholics in Brendan Rodgers and Roberto Mancini at the start of the game tonight. Nice to see.

Dzeko playing really well tonight, as has Silva. Not a fan of Yaya Toure, he slows play down to much and his passing can be very casual.