The Official TFK Nimby thread

Warren Logan on Twitter: “Imagine Dundrum Public Meeting last night in Taney Parish Hall about the proposed Fast Track Dundrum Village SHD for 881 Apartments. Full house :trophy: @donalodonovan @PatKennyNT @rteliveline @gordondeeg @thejournal_ie @breakingnewsie” / Twitter

is that @artfoley slaphead I can see 6 rows back?

Dundrum Nimbys “our kids are forced to emigrate , housing prices are too high”
Dundrum Nimbys “not in my back yard”


Can’t have “transients” coming into places where proper middle class people live.

5 storeys…not good.
Village of Dundrum. :woozy_face:

Eamon 100% correct here

has a pop at @artfoley too

Irish Examiner on Twitter: “Eamon Ryan rules out nuclear power as option in transition from fossil fuel dependence” / Twitter

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a temporary road closure to facilitate a festival


Petrol shops are only open on sundays obviously

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Cancel the festival for Sunday is the day I buy petrol

What a cunt of a human being

Although didn’t @cluaindiuic and @Bandage vent similar thoughts about South Dublin roads being closed for the marathon and mini marathon?

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Yes but that was before I became interested in running myself.


they did

I don’t need you to mansplain it to me



Reads like it was written by grandpa Simpson.

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Residents demand a halt to Grange bridge footpath work -

Alan Barry on Twitter: “Actually amazed to see this come in the door today from @maryrdes & @TerryTshannon - not a single positive thought on @BusConnects - 100% focused on potential downsides. We are living in a climate emergency - when will local councillors realise that change is essential! Amazed.” / Twitter

Former Kerry star Paul Galvin and wife Louise Duffy embroiled in a planning row -

Ranelagh residents concerned young children might enjoy a communal space

Consultants acting for Galvin and Duffy said they were “already woven into the fabric of the local community”.

Did they not move to Mayo as soon as COVID hit?

no idea mate

Sep 15th 2020, 7:17 PM 70,220

Galvin during the O'Byrne Cup last December.

Galvin during the O’Byrne Cup last December.

Image: Tom O’Hanlon/INPHO

PAUL GALVIN HAS announced his decision to step down as Wexford senior football manager this evening.

Galvin said his family have moved to the west of Ireland and cited ‘the new time and travel commitments involved’ as the reason for his departure.