The Official TFK Over the Top Thread

A thread to log instances of people being over the top about certain issues.

I’ll kick it off with this gobshite.

‘RTÉ have disgraced the nation’ - Minister hits out at broadcaster

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He’s dead right.

Every post by @AppleCrumbled in the last week or two


I thought you were on about this lad

The bullying of @anon32894817 by @anon61878697, @Breaking_my_balls and that two faced wanker @anon78624367.


To be honest it’s clear that the lad has real issues, and it’s pretty low even for you to continously try to stir this up.

There’s no doubt about it he is being bullied alright. I hope he can see by whom.

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Leave the lad alone, you cunt.

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The only cunt who won’t leave him alone is you. Further proof this morning.


Thats a big accusation, especially from a lad who harassed me off the forum and took a bit of joy in it.

I hope you can back it up

Again tracksuit endorses breakingmyballs. He hasn’t called him or mice out for the horrific incident last week than estebaan had the decency to apologise for. Tracksuit is not a nice person.

If the ‘Skills Olympics’ were relevant and being held in Russia all the winners would be called Ivan or Dmitri.

Trying to get this going again is very bad form … You’re using Apples anguish for your own amusement, like tassotti and HBV have continuously done.


I explained my thoughts to you via PM, there is a cohort of people posting here who would love to have this run and run for their own amusement, egging you on and resurrecting threads, I’d rather leave it lie myself but you have a fixation on my actions

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The Shannon in Caherdavin.

I hope college goes well and things turn around for you mate. I hope you mature in there and learn a bit of cop on. Best wishes.


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Practice what you preach you Twit.

Genuine lols

Are you currently in the process of harassing any new members off the board

Harry, fuck off and stop trying so hard to be a prick. It’s entertaining no one.


Are you alright in the head?