The Official Ulster Rugby is full of mysognists thread

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slow week this week Im afraid guys, just 1 story per day

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I’d say the concussion causes misogyny.

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Luke fricking Skywalker is the judge in Danielli’s case :eek:

Olivia has the perfect mixture of hot/crazy going on.

Dan Carter is also unemployed.

A bad week for the rugby fellowship.

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I’d say that common link is living in that shit hole up north rather than choice of sport


Wasn’t bad enough that Peter Canavan fouled the ball in 95, now this.


They are a quare crowd


When is signing on day, Dan?

You just luv stirring it😉

@Nembo_Kid fucked off when I asked him a genuine question about that, I’m just trying to get his attention back.


Two lads now charged with the offence and relieved of their playing duty in the interim. Wtf were they doing suing over the coverage while this was still live??? Absolutely bizarre

Charged with rape, the pair of them.

Seems they could both miss the whole season while they wait for the court date.

What was he doing initiating a legal case in relation to the coverage of the matter a few weeks ago? Never seen the like of it

Jackson will be cleared he is an innocent man, the other chap well iv never heard tell of him.

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They’ll be acquitted by a jury of their peers.

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