The Often Copied Celtic Huddle - 13 Years Old Today

Introduced by Tony Mowbray in the aftermath of his wife’s death:

and if you know the huddle history

Paul Cuddihy

THIRTEEN years ago today, on July 23, 1995, a little piece of Celtic history was made when the very first Huddle took place.

It was a pre-season friendly in Germany for Tommy Burns Celtic side against Kickers Emden, the game taking place at VfB Jheringsfehns ground because of renovation work at Emdens stadium.

The 3,650 people who were there at what looked more like a public park than a football ground, watched the Hoops go down 2-0, but probably didnt pay too much attention to the new pre-match ritual.

It was Tony Mowbray, skippering the side in the absence of Paul McStay, who had stayed behind in Scotland to receive treatment for an injury, who came up with the idea of the Huddle as a show of togetherness by the players.

Over the years it has become an integral part of Celtics identity, a sign of unity among the men who wear the Hoops as well as a source of inspiration and pride to every Celtic supporter.

And the Huddle is now carried out by Celtic teams of all ages, from the young Bhoys and Ghirls in the Celtic in the Community programmes right through to Gordon Strachan’s first-team.

And while he never imagined that the Huddle would have caught on so spectacularly, Tony Mowbray remains proud of what he started.

Years after that first Huddle on July 23, 1995, he said: Every player likes to leave something that people can remember them by and maybe the Huddle is mine at Celtic.

Im delighted to see its still going strong, because its a brilliant way of uniting the players and the fans. Its in the fabric of Celtic now.

Fair play to Mogga.
The roar that goes up when the huddle breaks make the goose bumps rise.
Its the Hoops twist on having an anthem played before kick off.

Mowbray’s a smashing guy. Inspirational sort of fellow but seems very clued-in management wise.

NCC were you at that game with the first huddle?

[quote=“therock67”]Mowbray’s a smashing guy. Inspirational sort of fellow but seems very clued-in management wise.

NCC were you at that game with the first huddle?[/quote]

nah, it was the summer after that we were in Koln & it was a pre season in Holland that we went to

i have a lot of time for mowbray- would love to see him do well at WBA this season & one day manage Celtic

Agreed on Mowbray - seems to be a top class guy. Had Hibs playing great stuff and has done excellently with West Brom too.

As for the huddle, I never get tired of it. But especially on a Champions League night when the comptetition theme tune is completely drowned out by a mass of people screaming like mentalists while smacking seats with their hands and doing everything possible to create an almighty racket before things reach a crescendo as the huddle breaks and then some opposition fookos visibly shit themselves (unless they’re Barcelona on their last 2 visits).