The one day of the year Mac,DB,Kid Chocolate can contribute to the forum

well lads, we have put up with you wasting valuable space for the last year talking shit

today is your day,

so using your intensive knowledge about your passion and your pastime ,please give something back to us & tell us who will win today

no surprise,the cat seems to have got the vile hook nosed soup taking cunts tongue

Cue ’ ah it’s a lottery’ they don’t even know their own hobby.


Its all been posted in the equine threads lads

Burton port or Prince De Beachene in the national . Vesper Belle with Katie Walsh up best of the outsiders

thanks mate,im not overly familiar with horse racing but I believe only 1 horse can win , why name 4 horses?

Because there’s 40 in it ands its a handicap

I thought the King of the Dutch bet would have been fairly familiar with how this works