The Pat Dolan Appreciation Thread

David Silva with an absolutely delicious through ball for Adebayor’s hat-trick goal.

Pat chimes in immediately with:

“That’s not Silva; that’s pure gold.”

Outstanding. What a co-commentator. What an analyst. What a man. :clap:

I liked his view on the City fans singing Blue Moon and he thought it was the Polski’s :smiley:

Pat seems to be a huge (snigger) fan of Tshibamba.

A massive massive loss to Cork City Football Club when he left, there was just this huge void around the club when he moved on.

Mixed feelings for Mr Lennox I reckon?

He got rid of a sh1t manager on 1 hand but lost his best customer on the other…

I think the Lennox Restaurant Business model had to be completely re-evaluated after the loss of Pat to Cork City. They went on-line and all sort of things to regenerate the business.

Thankfully i think one of Corks oldest establishments survived this testing period. Cork City FC as we know it didn’t though.

I heard anecdotally the same effort just wasn’t put into the Cheese & Onion pie after Pats departure.

Pat on Wolves’ Jelle Van Damme:

“You can’t have this guy in your team. Maybe he is a sweet? Jelle Baby? But he’s definitely not a footballer.”

“If Harry Redknapp was the Arsenal manager and was working with the squad that Wenger has at his disposal then Arsenal would be 10 points clear at the top of the table. Redknapp would just not tolerate the things that Wenger lets go at Arsenal.”

Pat is a legend. :clap:

Pat is king B)

Antolin Alcaraz got in a few heavy challenges today that ended up seeing the Wigan player get sent off, que Pat Dolan ‘No one escapes from Alcaraz’ :clap:

“Valbuena, from the great tradition of Spanish midfielders”

Ah lovely :clap:

Pat on Eyong Enoh’s booking for Ajax:

"Eyong says ‘eh no’ but the referee thinks ‘yell-ow’.


Pat also got laid into Scottish referee Craig Thomson:

“He didn’t give that blatant penalty so he can tell his mates down the pub he put manners on Ronaldo. He saw how much he was hated in the British game”.


Pat on Ronaldo:


“Remember when they said he could learn from Wayne Rooney!”

A noble brace from Pat today:

“Chelsea going through a sticky patch, won’t fancy the Toffees here”…And in the aftermath:

“Chelsea were nervous, incoherent”…


He was on fire today, as usual.

On Cech getting the kick in the eye from Cahill:

“He got kicked in the head a few years ago and has been wearing a hat ever since. What will he have on next week? Sunglasses?”

I thought he referred to the hat as a “crash helmet”…A junior Boxty was looking at this stuff and said Pat was Cantona-esque in his observations…