The Peel Sessions

Can we use this space to post some of your favourite Peel sessions — extended sessions would be great rather than just one song.

The Cure from 1978

he was a paedo

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No. Peel was an oddball who married a 15 year old when he was in his 20s and he abandoned her when he came back to England.

I’m more interested in the music of the bands rather than John himself.

They facilitated him.

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Happy Mondays from 86/87. - Top Notch.

Squirrel and G-Man is an album that evokes a savage, dystopian post-industrial British bleakness.

A great album to listen to in these current times.

proper music that is

ah lads 5:17

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Prefab Sprout


New order

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Nirvana '89

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This is outstanding

They sound pretty fucked up

An A-Z of John Peel sessions here:


Wow. And they all link to the session.

At first glance it’s not definitive. I know Aphex Twin and Seefeel did sessions but I don’t see them listed. There might be copyright issues.

There was lads I used to hang around with that had at least one peel session as well and it’s not there, disappointing but it says that it’s being updated constantly

Did you scroll all the way to the end there’s a big listing of bands that start with The

Ya, they were beginning with the

I spent a nice few minutes a while ago listening to them on YouTube after falling down a little google wormhole

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