The people who must be shitting themselves thread

John Gilligan
David Moyes

Buddy Franklin
Nathan Buckley

The whole of humanity until these terrorists with a huge Boeing 777 at their disposal are apprehended.

Stephen Hawking



[QUOTE=“Fitzy, post: 917710, member: 236”]John Gilligan
David Moyes[/QUOTE]

Did Moyes get a bullet through the bowel as well?

Eamonn O’Shea

Never go back

[QUOTE=“Fitzy, post: 917710, member: 236”]John Gilligan
David Moyes[/QUOTE]

hope John stays around a bit longer , he loves the banter with Tommie Gorman, the gag about fellas playing halloween pranks outside the high court last year when there was another attempt to kill him was great craic

Davy Fitz

The Leitrim footballers

Anyone who fucks with @dodgy-keeper , he’s a man filled with rage today. :eek::smiley:

It’s a Limerick thing, mate. You inbred, hick, Tipp junkie, cunts bastard.

Thanks, man.

I am not happy Harry. Can’t and won’t tolerate bluffers. I’m like a cross between Joey Barton and Davy Fitz today.

According to my sources the expensive corkman and his politically motivated understudy should be shitting themselves tonight. Anyone else hear anything?

We have a line open with two experts on Limerick hurling in the Limerick GAA thread… They are bound to have all the gossip.

The Limerick posters on here in case TAN and Kid Chocolate come back on and bully them into submission for the umpteenth time

Darren fletcher