The Ploughing

Won’t make it this year myself, anyone other than Link there this year?

Fuck off with this shit you utter utter simpleton of a man.

was there Yesterday, great day out as always might go tomorrow again never done two days at it

Fuck off you cretin.

:lol: Perfect timing. The weather looked grand there yesterday TC, I doubt its holding up as well today though.

Middling auld day today alright could get slobbery enought

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


I concur.

Tis good land down that way TC, twill be well fit to take a drop of rain.

Here myboyblue it’s great to see the lads are following your thread about a great Irish tradition, it goes to show that the townies are always welcome at the ploughing

You do realise that this townie word is a bogger invention and has no relevance in civilised society.

This kind of stuff needs to be banned under health and safety. You’d think they have brought in some toilet cubicles for it. Sick.

That looks like Carlow mud. Totally different from the Kildare variety. It’s like Oxegen without the burning tents and violence.

My ploughing memories are mostly good. Steak sandwich from the bord bia tent is second to none. You could drink and sing till 3.30 in the morning and still be fit to face the public at 9am. Granted getting out of the field that doubled as a car park last thing on a Thursday was a life threatening experience, but it was a small price to pay.

Fucking hell bro. A steak sandwich from a tent is second to none? Are you for real? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I suppose the lads contesting the matches get a serious amount of iron afterwards

My only real memory of the ploughing is going there when I was in Kierans as you’d get the day off for it.
Had a can of orange and a wasp had ninja’d his way in to my can unnoticed.
Stung me on the lip.

Carlow in 1996 maybe?

There are actually competitions for who ploughs fields the best in this? :lol:

Tis very complicated stuff Sid, you gave to drive in a straight line and all.

I have fond memories of attending the Ploughing Championships in my teens. I haven’t been there in years which i regret…

My main memory of the ploughing championships is never having attended it because I’m not a thick, smelly, inbred bogger fucktard.