The Prestigious Europa League thread 2018/2019


Why are you having a go at yourself?


i think ye are doing ok tbh,
need to improve but no one will want to face celtic


Milan are out!


We are through. A professional job done by Celtic.


Dudelange draw with Betis


It’s this negativity that drags us down


Text book reverse psychology.


Andy Walker reckons Rangers will be chuffed that Celtic are through because of the extra games :laughing:


Great sporting integrity from the Norwegians.


Massive achievement for an Irish club to go through at the expense of a German Bundesliga club.


there wont be a potato peeled in glasgow, etc…


Get well soon Ryan Christie.


Buckfast > Red Bull


They got beat by Red Bull mate. They finished above Rasenball though. Easy mistake to make


The other Red Bull


That grizzled old centre back Reginussen scored for Rosenborg. Seemed like an alright sort in the 6 (six) games we’ve played them in the past 18 months. No doubt we’ll get a chance to thank them next summer when we draw them in the preliminaries again.

@mickee321 how does a defeat on the night but going through to the last 32 affect our coefficient?


Go easy on Craig Gordon, guys.


He’s shite!

He’s great for one cracking fingertip save every game or two but he lets in a load of soft goals.

We need a goalkeeper, a right back, a centre back, a left winger and a striker urgently.


your/our coefficient will not change i believe @Bandage for progression- it merely increments by winning /drawing games at various stages of the tournament


@mickee321, now the dust has settled will you admit that your “how is the Israeli lad playing so far? I’m familiar with him as I’ve seen him play a lot” post was terribly misguided. I completely ignored it at the time as I cringed for you. It was akin to when some bogballer from Laois joins a club in Limerick and @myboyblue rocks up onto the Limerick GGA thread to ask how he played in the match between Ballylanders and Ballysteen.