The Prestigious Europa League thread 2018/2019


Agathe and Petta/Thompson with Petrov down the middle and Larsson upfront with Sutton/Hartson. Lambert and Lennon behind and McNamara and Valgaeren at the back. Even Baldé was a passable defender for a time. That was peak Celtic in my lifetime anyway


Balde was the best Celtic defender since Paul Elliot.


An excellent defender. But European teams in particular could expose him when he had the ball and we couldn’t build much through him. Brilliant at defending though.


I venture that the 2003 UEFA Cup Final starting side was the definitive team from the O’Neill era.

Mjallby Balde Valgaeren
Agathe Lambert Lennon Petrov Thompson
Sutton Larsson

Moravcik was retired by that point. McNamara a versatile sub and Maloney coming up through the ranks.

Needed a better keeper and a centre back who was comfortable in possession.


Thought McNamara was better than Mjallby and Valgaeran in a back three. Solid on the ball, had some pace and read the game better.


Definitely lacking on the ball but he had so many fantastic displays in Europe where we dealt with anyone. Think what we really lacked in Europe was a midfielder who would drop deep and take the ball off the defenders. Lennon did this to a certain degree but would all too often just pass it back to the defenders to lump up the pitch rather than turn with the ball and face the play.


Who were the squad player? Tebily, Kennedy, there was another young Scot who played in defence as well don’t, Guppy, Hedman??

Were Healy and Miller around the team then or was that later in O’Neill’s reign?


Maybe the young Scot was Stephen Crainey? I think Miller came on the scene the following season with the CL goals against Anderlecht and Lyon. Laursen and Sylla were squad players too back then. Think Sylla played at Anfield in that UEFA Cup run and did well.


Yes, Crainey. A foxy lad.


He does the odd bit of co-commentary on Celtic TV these days. Think he was left sided and lacked pace. Went off to play for Blackpool or someone.


Some excellent looking ties this evening


A poor man’s Stephen McManus unfortunately for the chap.


As expected.


Let’s go bhoys


Was Bitton included in our European squad?


Yes afaik.


We have no central midfield cover on that bench so I find it a bit strange he’s not there.



Enjoy the light show, mate.


Lacazette red-carded for showing the only bit of fight from an Arsenal player tonight.